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Basically Basic is a Jekyll theme meant as a substitute for the default — Minima. Conventions and features found there are fully supported by Basically Basic, with a few enhancements thrown in for good measure:

  • Clean responsive design with six customizable skins
  • Curriculum Vitæ/Resume layout powered by JSON data
  • About page layout
  • Disqus Comments and Google Analytics support
  • SEO best practices via Jekyll SEO Tag

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Project Work: Week 1

  • 5 min read

This week I made my first forays into running generative networks for synthesizing 3D models for video games. My goal was to take an existing model and try training it with a dataset of 3D game assets to see what sorts of outputs it would produce.

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My Stakeholder Research

  • 5 min read

To understand who would benefit most from my research, I investigated various stakeholders working in the game industry. As mentioned in a previous post, from a product perspective my research would mostly affect 3D modeling software and repositories, but the people it would mostly affect work in game studios or other creative enterprises. Here are some of the archetypes I found.

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My Market Research

  • 7 min read

My research comes is at interesting intersection in that product-wise it would impact 3D modeling software and those in that industry who make it, but a much larger number of affected people would be those using said software in the video game development industry (and theoretically in other media industries such as animated films and marketing). Thus in my market research I investigated both sectors but for products focused on 3D modeling software and model repositories.

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My Academic Research

  • 6 min read

I searched for pre-existing academic research in my area of interest in creating a generative ML model for creating 3D models for video games. Here is a selection of the most relevant articles I found with links and annotations.

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