About Me

Hi! My name’s Austin. I am a senior at the University of Michigan from Ashburn, Virginia studying computer science with an interest in computer vision, HCI, and 3D systems. I like exploring the ways machines can be used to generate and interpret visual content in both virtual contexts and the real world, and how human input can be used to improve these systems.

To research these areas, I have been doing work with Prof. Walter Lasecki at the UMich CROMA Lab that focuses on HCI applications related to crowd-powered techniques and how they can complement ML systems. My current project, CrowdMask, focuses on learning how crowd workers can augment a traditional CV object detector to pick out private content to be masked in images without being exposed to that content themselves. This past Fall 2019 semester I also conducted an independent research project with Austin Yarger at UMich called Project Rodin. The work focused on building a generative ML model to synthesize 3D models for video games.

Outside of research I also I do work in the game development space, mainly using the Unity engine. I love not only programming games but also designing and creating assets for them, especially in 3D. I recently graduated from being a third-year officer of Wolverine Soft at UMich, departing from the role of treasurer but having also served as webmaster and historian in the past.

In my free time I enjoy playing RPG and sandbox video games, and also feeding my artistic side by practicing 3D modeling, sketching, and photography.